Getting Started

To change your password please sign in to your Resld account and select Settings link from the top menu. Once there select Change Password tab, then enter your Current Password and your New Password. You will receive a confirmation email from Resld shortly. Please use your new password next time you sign in to your Resld account.

You can pick from a variety of Resld store account plans depending on your business needs.

Do you simply want to have a store listing to be a part of Resld marketplace? Then something as simple as our Basic account plan will do just fine. Want to promote your store and make it more visible in our marketplace to bring in more customers? Then you may want to upgrade to Standard account plan. Want to be on top of all searches, featured on our Home page and be able to advertise on other stores' pages in your neighborouhood? Time to move up to Premium account plan and get some seriuos visibility site-wide.

Store Showcase is an optional feature that lets stores display some (or even all) of their current store product inventory in their Resld store. Showcase your items in full detail including item price, description, features, condition and multiple images. There are no per item listing fees - merchants can swap items in their store's showcase as needed replacing items already sold with new ones via a simple item management interface.

There are multiple tier options to choose from to showcase as many or as few items as merchants would want at any given time. Choose from as few as 10 active items for a small sampling of your inventory to up to 100000 items to cover even the largest store inventories out there.

Listing Items on Resld

Prior to listing any items on Resld merchants need to turn on Store Showcase option and select a range of showcase items they would like to display for their stores. Then select Inventory link from the top menu, and click List an Item button on top of the resulting page. List an Item page includes all relevant item information including item description, condition, type, category, price, retail price, availability status, any relevant tags and product images.

As soon as item is listed it will become visible in your store's showcase until it's removed or its status changed to unavailable by you.

To learn more about the fees associated with Store Showcase feature please review our Merchant Fees page.

At this time merchants can upload up to 10 images for each listed item.

Managing Your Resld Store

Our goal is to give you the tools to promote your store, showcase your products and put you in charge of your account. You are able to control all of your store's content, images, and inventory. But just in case you will end up needing some help managing your store, one of our Service Representatives will be happy to walk you thru any relevant steps or processes during regular businesss hours.

To make any changes to your account plan or any other account features, please sign in to your Resld member account. Once signed in, select Control Panel link on top of the page to get you to the page from where you can manage your Resld store.

To update your billing informaiton please sign in to your Resld member account. Once signed in, select Billing link from the top menu which will lead you to the page where you will be able to update your credit card information.